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Taking into account our 7 machines and 5 staff, VEC boasts a work environment that is equivalent in size to an echo lab in any major public hospital.

With our extensive number of weekly studies presenting a wide range of pathologies across a diverse range of patients; the working environment with VEC is recognised as an exceptional ‘learning’ environment for enthusiastic cardiac sonography students looking to consolidate the theory component of their respective cardiac ultrasound courses.

Proud of our exacting standards, we necessarily ‘handpick’ our staff. Valuing a “can-do” attitude and exemplary work ethic, we seek out individuals with superior hand-eye co-ordination and academic excellence. These being vital to ensuring growth in confidence, and success as they work with expanding autonomy in various clinical settings.

We also value professional integrity, communication, and the relentless desire to be the best cardiac sonographer you can be. We love good listeners who can bring joy to those they come in contact with EVERY day! In return, you become part of a highly valued, happy and motivated member of the VEC team!

We unreservedly recognise that our company’s success hinges upon a team that share our vision for exceptional cardiac imaging and knowledge, ensuring accuracy in reporting, without compromise in care. To this end we value and regularly create the opportunities for our team’s interaction with each other both in a formal ‘academic’ setting but also in an (as equally important!), informal ‘let’s just enjoy life together’ setting.

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